SSBU - How Can I Download Byleth?

Asked by AkiraKurusu, Jan 31, 2020 213 5

AkiraKurusu asks:
I've owned the Fighter's Pass for, what, a year? I've got Joker, Terry, Banjo, and Hero. I've updated my game to Ver. 7.0.0.

However, I don't have Byleth. I don't have any Three Houses material - stage, music, Spirits, etc.
I've archived and redownloaded my digital copy of SSBU multiple times now, and even backed up my save using Checkpoint (gotta love homebrew) and deleted my save data to see if a blank slate would work. Nope - still no Byleth.

I've checked the eShop, and I have indeed purchased the Fighters Pass, including Byleth, yet I'm not getting him. What's wrong with my game?
Jan 31, 2020

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