should i care about being banned or leave it

should i care about being banned or leave it

Oct 8, 2017
hey i was wondering i dont use my freinds list on my 3ds that has cfw or use
my games online except with the wireless turned on but dont play them online with freinds and dont care to
so can i still use homebrew online because my japanese games cant update that easy without the freeshop. games such as yokai watch busters
or mh xx all im asking is if a ban on my 3ds is something i should care about or ignore and if i did get banned if i could still use fbi title db and freeshop for updates on japanese games and or ntr cfw streaming and ftpd if i can use all my homebrew online from being banned from online services please let me know so i know if i should or should not care thanks

new 3ds black friday black edition boot9strap, gm9, and luma latest 11.6

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  • Lacius
    Oct 8, 2017
    At this point in time, it appears unlikely that you're going to be banned. If you haven't already done so, you should disable the recommended Spotpass and Friends List settings to avoid being banned:

    Go to System Settings, then “Internet Settings”, then “SpotPass”, then “Sending of System Information”
    Disable the “Sending of System Information” option
    Exit the System Settings
    Go to your Friend List (the orange Face Icon in the top row of your Home Menu)
    If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, the Friend List setting is either already disabled or your console cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers (due to a ban or connection issues)
    Go to the Friend List settings, then “Friend Notification Settings”, then “Show friends what you’re playing”
    Disable the “Show friends what you’re playing” option
    Exit your Friend List

    That all being said, a ban isn't that big a deal. With a ban, you can still use the eShop and freeShop, and if you want to play online, you can unban yourself with a public or private LFCS_B file.
  • chrisbreezy1234
    Oct 8, 2017
    as long as homebrew works i will stay plain as this is my seperet 3ds for genning pokemon and playing jp imports
    so thanks for the info thats all i need to hear
    now i dont care about being banned
  • vinstage
    Oct 9, 2017
    Banning only really occurs to the type of morons who place FBI or Homebrew/Hax related Software as their favourite app.
  • Ryccardo
    Oct 9, 2017
    @Vinstage - not really, had Undertale.cia as favorite for who knows how many months :)

    Nobody, outside of maybe 5 people working somewhere in Japan for a [S]multinational[/S] traditional japanese company can positively state a reason