R4 Gold Pro 2020 Save file issue?

Asked by Siegesmund, Jul 15, 2020 155 2

Siegesmund asks:
Hey everyone !
I just bought an R4 Gold Pro 2020 because my old R4 RTS died and so all I needed to do to “initalize” the Gold Pro was dragging the old games to the already installed kernel of it .
As I started playing , I noticed that it always said “creating sav file” which I didn’t like because the games had save files already . As I started my first game , it started from the very beginning .
I looked on the internet and it said I should rename the .sav files to .nds.sav , BUT some files were .nds.sav files , so I started wondering because those didn’t work as well .
I tried renaming it like the kernel does it , so it’s .SAV , but it didn’t change anything .
Why is this so complicated?
I hope somebody can help me and thanks for reading !
Jul 15, 2020

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