So about a month ago I started playing Metal Gear Solid on pSX. I seem to remember that I started the game without having the memory card file set up. That means that I have been playing this whole time proceeding only with save states. Once I realized that I hadn't set up a memory card I have been really worried that I would get to the end of Disc 1 and would need a save game to proceed to Disc 2. So I went to the settings of my Emulator and set up the Virtual Memory Card. (.mcd file) and called that Chinese Chick to try and save my game. It recognized the fact that I had a Memory Card, but when I tried to save, she said that there was an error... So now I have progressed all the way to where Meryl was shot by Fox hound, went all the way back to get a sniper rifle, and returned to try and snipe Fox Hound... So i am wondering if I can defeat the game without a memory card or if someone would be so kind to provide a .mcd file that has the last save very near to where I just described. Thanks...

No problem man
May 15, 2011

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  • Costello