Pokémon Crystal VC

Pokémon Crystal VC

Jan 28, 2018
i want to trade Pokémon from my Pokémon Gold/Silver VC to my crystal VC is there any possible way to do this with one 3DS, and Pokémon Bank/Transporter?

» 2 Answers

  • Frezgle
    Jan 28, 2018
    With official PokeBank, no. That's a one-way process upward to gen 7.

    If you have CFW/homebrew, there's PkHex, which you can use to drag Pokemon from one game's save file into another. Not technically trading, but functionally the same thing. There was a gen 2 Pokebank clone also, but I can't find it now, so I doubt it's been updated for Crystal.
  • Alex4U
    Jan 30, 2018
    You should extract your GSC saves, then use PKHeX, and trade it, and delete it from where was. Let's call it's a "trade".

    PokéBank, like Frezgle said, it's only for sending 1/2 gen Pokémon to 7 gen (Ultra Sun/Moon - Sun Moon)
    You can't also recover the Pokémon from GB games when are on USUMO unless you do a backup to your save or clone your Pokémon.
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