no usb loader app will read my gc iso...

Asked by Jon424, Sep 14, 2015 1,346 1

Jon424 asks:
I have a black wii, that came with super mario galaxy, two wii motion plus remote, 2 classic pro controllers, and with no gc ports. but the wii logo is horizontal.
i cant seem to see if i mod the software why cant it run a rom like any computer?

1- Im running usb launcher v3.0
2- i converted the files into the right format with DMTollbox, :USB/games/gametitle[gameid]/game.iso
3- mios dios is installed v2.11 with wad manager 1.7


I pretty much followed every forum on here and i cant ever seem to see what the issue is.

I was able to see the files trough mios dios booter, but it gave me a : "FATAL ERROR, APPLOADER SIZE 0" ( or something similar you know the mistake that shows up.) there was a wii disc loaded in the drive.

my usb launcher gx v3 always worked fine i use it to rip my wii games to my hdd in the wbfs format, but it wont display the gc files, even if its set to display all nes/gc/wii/n64 files.

I'm very frustrated by this so ill be looking for an answer until i can find it, any help is welcome.
Sep 14, 2015