ScottBBWan asks:
"non-working DSTWO plus, not even showing up on my DS lite"
could i have some help troubleshooting? doesn't show up on my N3DSXL (Luma CFW) either.
formatted a 8GB microSD card as fat32 on kubuntu, and extracted
i dont know what other information i can really give, but i'd be happy to give it lol

the only thing i can think of what's going on is that maybe the firmware is bricked. if it is, could it possibly be recovered using nds-bootstrap's recovery tools (which i have on my n3dsxl)?
nothing has changed since the last time i talked about this.
i've been having this problem since a bit after i bought the damn thing, it was so long ago that i don't remember much about my actions after getting it.
i believe i only saw it boot one time, and i think i also posted about it here on gbatemp before (on different accounts maybe?).
i really don't want to throw this thing away, they aren't made anymore afaik and it's the seemingly ultimate flashcart.
thanks in advance for trying to help if any of you know anything.
Dec 15, 2019

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  • ScottBBWan