makerom arg(s) to compile .cxi into .cia with custom title ID?

makerom arg(s) to compile .cxi into .cia with custom title ID?

Apr 15, 2017
Title might be a bit oddly worded, but here's what I'm asking: What is the argument I would need when compiling a .cxi into a .cia that would let me designate a titleID to use?

Currently I'm using: makerom -f cia -o homebrew.cia -target t -i homebrew.cxi:0:0bin

And still after trying a few other things, this has only resulted with a .cia of titleID 000400000FF3FF00.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Apache Thunder Best answer
    Apr 15, 2017
    The CIA can't really force a new title ID. The CXI does.

    The exheader of the app along with the CXI header it's contained in has the title ID. makerom will not change it for you. You need to recompile the homebrew with the title ID you want.

    While possible to change it after, you'd have to manually edit exheader/CXI header to do it right. It's not recommended you do it that way so just recompile it with the title ID you want instead.
  • 8BitWonder
    Apr 15, 2017
    Ah that makes sense, thank you for the quick response!

    Edit: Got it working! Thank you again!
  • Apache Thunder
    Apr 15, 2017
    No problem. :D
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