Is my PSP fully bricked?

Is my PSP fully bricked?

Nov 4, 2019
Hi, thank you in advance. Yesterday i downloaded RetroArch on my psp 2000, tired of exploring it i turned off the psp, but IT WON'T TURN OFF (black screen, lcd on but nothing displayed, and the green light on), so i removed the battery and my psp won't turn on no more, tried the battery with my psp 3000 and works flawless. Tried ALL the tricks to get it boot (r-trigger, l-trigger, square-triangle-select-start-home, home, even tried to boot with all the buttons pressed), but my psp won't turn on, BLACK screen, green led for like 6 seconds and then turns off. Yesterday night i got it to boot, but blank screen, nothing displayed and after 6 seconds it switched off.

I didn't try a pandora battery, as i'm not interested in spending money on this POS.

I may seem angry but i'm not lol, i just don't know how to express myself.

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  • DinohScene
    Nov 4, 2019
    I highly doubt that Retroarch bricked your PSP.
    Have you tried booting it without the Memorystick? just to rule that out?

    I'd honestly say try a Jigkick battery.
    If your PSP is one of the Pandora enabled motherboards, you'd be able to flash a new CFW from a Magic Memory Stick.
  • enkasteller
    Nov 4, 2019
    Btw, yes i tried without and with another memory stick,
    controlled the back of my psp and behind the battery:
    Thank you.

    UPDATE 1:
    Checked a little on the internet and my motherboard is a TA-088V3.
  • enkasteller
    Nov 6, 2019
    Anyone got any fixes?