I have a latop with no os.

I have a latop with no os.

Mar 23, 2018
Well i tried to install zorin os and that delete windows but then it deleted itself beacuse it installer failed... and i only have my Android Phone to flash this usb Drive i have an Samsung Galaxy s7 (non edge) How do i erase the flash from the drive and install new iso? From the android phone and my android cant mount and edit as long as it is a Flash drive

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  • Dominator211
    Mar 24, 2018
    I am a little confused as to what you want.., if you want a computer os there are plenty of great distorts out there like react os or mint Linux. The phone I would not recommend flashing a new iso as if this your main device and if it not carried out correctly with your model and carrier then you might brick it and be with nithing
  • DKB
    Mar 24, 2018
    ..WHAT? Are you trying to say that you have no other computers to get a ISO but are trying to download it to your phone and using your phone as a gateway in order to install the ISO onto your computer?
  • Mikemk
    Mar 24, 2018
    @dominater01 @DKB He's saying he needs to burn the iso to the flash drive from his phone. @OP you can't. Get someone to burn a windows disk for you from their computer.
  • Futurdreamz
    Mar 25, 2018
    Not helpful right now, but in the future the best solution is to use a LiveCD because you can try it first, install from the CD, and if something goes wrong the CD can repartition the drive and handle re imaging a USB drive with a new installer.And partitions, so you can go back or blow away and reabsorb the unwanted partition.

    But no, you really can't do it from a phone. Zorin OS is payware? You're pretty committed then.

    If your computer is too new to have reinstallation CDs, then I'd say try the Zorin installer again, see if there is a bare minimum install option - or options to override errors. if it is a LiveCD then it should be enough to let you finangle a tiny partition on your drive to redownload the installer to (might need two partitions; one to download to and one to extract to.)
  • Devin
    Mar 25, 2018
    Drivedroid. Use it to boot into Linux on your PC. Then create an actual boot drive using your USB flash for Windows while on Linux.
  • MasterXD34
    Jul 7, 2019
    For anyone who is also stuck with no OS (Sorry if this is a late post)


    STEP 1: Download Rufus from Here

    STEP 2: Collect the desired Linux Distro (Or any windows copy you might have as an ISO)

    STEP 3: Have a USB Flash Drive with at least 6-8GB of space.

    STEP 4: Load the ISO you have into Rufus and then let Rufus apply the OS to the Flash Drive.

    STEP 5: Go into the BIOS Setup on your computer (usually F12 at startup when you see the logo)

    STEP 6: Go and find the option to enable USB drive support.

    STEP 7: In the boot device picker choose the USB.

    Step 8: The setup should install off the USB drive if you don't have access to an install disc.

    Lemme know if this helped ya!