1B51004 asks:
alright after this I'll dip for two weeks like I said I would but
Today I installed a program from the UniversalUpdater.3dsx for forwarding .nds files into .cia files to play on the 3ds itself. Once I installed it, I accidently forwarded BOOT.nds into a .cia file. I didnt think much of it and went into GodMode9 to rip my ds games. After I was done and ready to play said ds games, I rebooted the console. It got to the splash screen I had installed and, as I speak, it's now stuck on a black screen with a blue light. To clarify it's not the softbrick when the blue light flashes for a second and turns off. The blue light hangs along with the black screen.

Rookie mistake or unrecoverable brick? Please help!
Apr 17, 2021

2 Answers

  • Ratbones
  • 1B51004