How to get Blackops and Goldeneye 007 Wii working?

How to get Blackops and Goldeneye 007 Wii working?

Mar 20, 2011
So I got my western digital essentials hardrive yesterday and have been using it fine with USB loader GX. Before then I had been using disc loading. Goldeneye has been working on disc with neogamma r8 and r9 and other backup loaders but when I installed it on USB loader GX it works for about a minute then freezes no matter what I do. I have a PAL wii and Goldeneye is NTSC but I have already tried forcing NTSC and that didn't do it so I'm unsure what I should do. And I just downloaded a PAL Blackops from a website and transferred it to my Wii USB hardrive but it freezes on the loading screen. I have my Wii softmodded with Mauilifrogs guide if that helps. I have also followed the instructions for it from the website and installed cIOS250 [57 Base] Rev 20 (IOS250) but all that did was stop USB loader GX working until I uninstalled the cios and re-installed my old one( which was one of the newest ones) and am unsure what to do to fix it.

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  • bowser
    Mar 21, 2011
    What the hell? THOSE LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!

    Remove them now unless you want to get banned. And remove the site name from your question too.

    EDIT: Why don't you try using NeoGamma for USB loading since you already have it? Try forcing the game to use cIOS 250 with base 57. Keep your older cIOS 249 for NeoGamma to work.
  • Daidude
    Mar 21, 2011
    Changed it. Sorry didn't know.