How to export a game made on RPG maker 3DS?

How to export a game made on RPG maker 3DS?

Dec 29, 2017
"Why are you using rpg maker, let alone the WORST one out there to make a game?"

Im masochistic. Also im using it to train for programming.

Ok so, my question is: Could I export the game from my 3DS to my computer? If so, how?

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  • Jacklack3
    Dec 29, 2017
    1. RPG Maker is not something you should use to train for programming, hell at least Scratch gives you the idea of how picky programming is, RPG Maker is a tool to make RPG games, not a programming language. Also if you were programming scripts then it'd be fine, but you're using the 3DS version!
    2. No you can't and most likely never, someone made a exploit that got patched and having it only 3DS to PC would be hard to do and kinda dumb without a PC to 3DS option, which would enable exploits. Also they'd have to create software to support the 3DS's editor.

    Really you can learn to code in any scenario you're at. Use if you can't download software or don't have a computer. On your 3DS, get SmileBASIC, you can learn to program in BASIC, and some really cool games are actually made on there, someone made Mario Maker where you can upload your levels since they're a different file, and you can upload files/programs onto SmileBASIC's servers.

    Hoped this helped!
  • eechigoo
    Dec 30, 2017
    I mostly use it to learn how to think like a programmer. Even if it doesn't, I just like putting myself through the worst possible version of RPG maker possible.

    Aah well, plan B. I have to learn to use RPG maker XP.
  • WeedZ
    Dec 31, 2017
    Rpg maker has absolutely no value in terms of coding experience. If you want an introductory tool were you can write simple to somewhat complex scripts and immediately be able to see those scripts run in a game environment, then I would suggest yoyo gamemaker. You can script any function you can think of in an object oriented language similar to java and some forms of c++. It's insanely simple to get started as a complete noob and there are plenty of tutorials and example scripts online. Fuck rpg maker.
  • eechigoo
    Jan 16, 2018
    k, i'll try that out.