GPU Hardware/PC Monitor Configuration...

GPU Hardware/PC Monitor Configuration...

Katsumi San
May 12, 2017
If having GTX 1070 GPU..

3 27 inch Monitor(1080p) configuration or

3 27 inch Monitor(1440p) cofiguration?

I see some saito are say that 1080p of 27 inch mnitor is become not so good(not too sharp/crisp?).. but perhaps this is user product experience?

Oh I also wanting know if 1440p 3 monitor configuration is too much task for 1070 gpu,,,, if 1080p is perfect for such gpu hardware then this is okay too(also cheaperwwww)

VX2776-smhd [1080p monitor]

VX2778-smhd [1440p monitor]

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  • Memoir
    May 12, 2017
    1440p x3 for a 1070 is fine.

    Plus it'll be more effective when you decide to upgrade.
  • Mikemk
    May 12, 2017
    If you can afford it, do 1440. You'll rarely game on multiple monitors (bevels are distracting), so you just need to consider the performance of one.

    That said, if you are certain you want the game across 3, do the 1080s.

    I would also recommend getting a high refresh 1440p144 with GSYNC and two cheap 1080s.
  • Katsumi San
    May 12, 2017
    Not so much gaming..

    example of use:

    Left Monitor: Streaming analyze(xsplit software | Middle Monitor: Main display(other function, etc) | Right Monitor: View game(HDMI console)

    Oh perhaps PC game software too, only 1 monitor, not all(not streaming this, only personal use) I do not playing game with high motion(Adult visual novel, Dark souls III, single user game, etc...) I do not do internet game experience, only little...

    Hmm... I hope understanding this is possible..

    Oh recent software game Bayonetta is become release on PC, this is software I want to play on PC a lot!!

    So please understand use of triple monitor. I only become worry because I did not know if 3(1440p) monitor is too much for 1070 GPU but if this is safe video output for such hardware then yes I buy 1440p resolution monitor(3).
  • nero99
    Jun 10, 2017
    Why not just go for ultra wide or 4K if you want 3 2K monitors? Seems like that'd be a better deal for a 1070