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I got an assignment and I wanted some of your opinions and knowledge concerning the following google programs (online and offline)
The information should be about
What type of information do you surrender to Google when using each of the above?
In what types of enterprise and which business situations might each of the above be particularly
useful or beneficial?

The applications are as follows
Installation of Google Desktop and Google Toolbar
Google Chrome
Google Apps
Google AdWords

Dont write too much to be burdened like an essay as i wish for opinions mainly. If u can, please do so.
I have not used many of them like Apps so whoever has experience can help.

Hehe i see what u mean but actually i have most of the data sources i need but due to laziness, i decided instead of digging for info let some experienced ppl tell me so. I mainly wish for the second part of the question about where it can be used since that's an opinion while the first one is quite obvious.
By the way, the second question says what businesses does this help in. Now if one can tell me exactly a business type that a browser would be useful for. I cant think of specifics for some questions ie the first 3
Apr 19, 2011

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