Firefox is stuck when closed

Asked by MeerkatMario, Oct 10, 2015 587 2

MeerkatMario asks:
Two days ago, my Firefox started to have a bug in which the group of tabs doesn't move when a new tab is opened. So I tried to close Firefox to fix the problem, and it got stuck in the process. It didn't have that problem the last time I closed it, and it's still stuck as of today. I can't kill the Firefox process using the Task Manager, because the last time I did that it erased all of my history. I tried asking my brother to fix it, but all he could say was update Firefox. I'm not too happy with the new versions of Firefox, because I like the older ones better (since I'm a fan of all things classic). Does anyone have a safe solution to this problem?

(P.S. don't say "restart your computer" or anything like that)
Oct 10, 2015

2 Answers

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