Emulators FOR Gameboy?

Emulators FOR Gameboy?

Nov 6, 2019
Are there any consoles that are simple enough to emulate on the original Gameboy, like Pokemon Mini or TI-83?

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  • Wolfy
    Nov 6, 2019
    Ya know I'll be the one to say it, just don't even try, too weak even for the weakest. And besides that I don't anyone would even know where to start in terms of compiling something that works on it.
  • AmandaRose
    Nov 6, 2019
    Yep look at the specs Pokemon mini ain't happening on a Gameboy.

    Pokemon Mini specs

    8-bit custom Nintendo 4MHz processor.

    4 KB RAM shared with video memory.

    Gameboy specs

    CPU: 8-bit Z80 work-alike at 4.194304MHz.

    RAM: 8kB internal.
  • FAST6191
    Nov 6, 2019
    Way back when there was a proof of concept thing that ran I think it was the NES at 1fps or something ridiculous at one point.

    In terms of anything vaguely usable, even attempting to emulate what was even then absolutely ancient machines. Not really. Specs wise you might be able to do something like CHIP-8 (indeed a token search says someone went there https://github.com/elseyf/gb8 ), possibly a commodore PET, and you might be able to slap some form of BASIC interpreter hard enough to do something that counts as emulation of a sort as well but nobody has yet done them and I don't really expect anything outside of some people having a bit of fun for a kind of tech demo.