Does the Wii to Wii U System Transfer transfer The Homebrew Channel and other applications?

Does the Wii to Wii U System Transfer transfer The Homebrew Channel and other applications?

Jun 25, 2019
I have a modded Wii and a Wii U. As a Youtuber I have been able to successfully record footage from the Wii, but this requires an overcomplicated method. For this reason, I am starting to think about transferring to the Wii U to make things a lot easier, but I'm not sure what will happen to The Homebrew Channel and others. Will it transfer everything fine? Will it transfer everything but the Homebrew? Or will it simply not work? Also, if possible, is there a way to transfer to the Wii U but still keep everything on the original Wii?

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  • KleinesSinchen Best answer
    Jun 25, 2019
    The official transfer program will transfer any paid WiiWare and Virtual Console games (server side check). It will not transfer:
    * Homebrew Channel
    * Forwarder Channels for USB loaders or similar
    * Illegitimate copies of WiiWare and Virtual Console games or injected Virtual Console games

    In my case the program ran normally, did not care for Homebrew Channel (did not delete it on the source Wii) and everything was good.

    Comment #1: If you restore the NAND of the source Wii to get your things back, visiting the (defunct) Wii Shop Channel will delete the titles as they are not longer associated with the Wii.
    Comment #2: If you have a license for the same game on both devices, you will lose one license. Saves on the Wii U may be overwritten. Let's say you have a Mario Kart save on the Wii U and the Wii. After the transfer you will end up with only the Wii's Mario Kart save transferred to the Wii U.

    One question though: Doesn't some kind of Wii2hdmi adapter have the same result as using HDMI on a Wii U?

    If you want to hack your Wii U and/or the Wii mode of the Wii U ("vWii") make sure to fully read the guide(s) and pay attention to the warnings.
  • Superbossboo
    Jun 25, 2019
    Nope, sorry. All illegitimately obtained software doesn't transfer. Can't say if it stays on the original system since I did so awhile back but can confirm you will have to hack the vWii. Not too hard if you follow the right guide.
  • thomadash
    Jun 25, 2019
    I have gotten a Wii2HDMI adapter but it didn't work with my TV. I guess I'll have to mod my vWii.