Does the (U) 3DS firmware block any flashcarts?

Does the (U) 3DS firmware block any flashcarts?

Mar 30, 2011
There's been news about flashcarts working with the 3DS for awhile now, but the U firmware seems to be different from the J firmware (as the U crashes more often) if anyone knows if flashcarts work on the U 3DS, please tell.

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  • Irock23
    Mar 30, 2011
    I don't think so. I know it doesn't block the DSTWO.
    Well, if you mean out of the ones that already updated on J firmware, then I think they all work. But if you generally mean all then there are several that don't work.
  • soulx
    Mar 30, 2011
    Every DSi flashcart except for the CycloDS iEvo is blocked on the 3DS. This can easily be fixed using an update released by your respective flashcart team. Do note that not every flashcart can be updated.

    No, it doesn't block any flashcarts that the Japanese firmware didn't block.
  • Knyaz Vladimir
    Mar 30, 2011
    The 3DS does block several flashcarts (most obtained an update to work on 3DS), but any flashcart that doesn't work on DSi won't work on 3DS.

    So, it doesn't block some like Acekard 2i, DSTWO, and iEvo, but blocks their older counterparts.
  • mechadylan
    Mar 31, 2011
    I flashed my AK2i so that I could use DS mode on my 3DS and it works fine. I never noticed what firmware the 3DS came with out of the box, but I did update it to 1.1.0-1U. My Acekard2i still works without any additional flashing and I even got a neat little 3D video by OK Go with the 3DS update. Thanks, ninty.