Change region if moving?

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mOSU_ asks:

I recently came up with the idea to move to France when I graduate college or something. However, I'd be moving from a "U" territory to an "E" territory. Here's some info:

- I already have a 3DS with a metric boatload of saves.
- I have an NNID also used for my Wii U.
- I have a Nintendo account linked thereto.
+ My purchases are:
++ Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Run (CTR)
++ Pokémon Red (CTR, 1991)
++ Absolute Reversi (CTR, 2009)
++ Snipperclips (HAC)

Should I replace my 3DS and games with "E" ones? I would very much like to IF I can do it without losing anything I can't easily get back.

Also, is this a clone of
Jan 11, 2020

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