So, I installed FMCB for the first time using FreeDVDBoot but ESR, HD loader and Simple Media System don't show up (I had to manually download them and add them to the list and maybe they aren't the right versions);

After inserting a DVD with a burned (patched) backup it's stated "DVD Player is not set up". I can still play the game via ESR (I've yet to try Open PS2 Loader and I manually downloaded and add it to the list as well as GSM Selector), though;

If I use GSM Selector I always have a "No signal" message on the TV after choosing 1080p (didn't try other resolutions) and selecting all the available paths (PS2 Browser, etc.). Is this related to the PS2 to HDMI converter I'm using and so I might be forced to use component cables (I have third party ones but they make the screen flickering and I no longer have the original Sony composite ones)?
Jun 30, 2020 at 2:33 PM

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