Are ROM Hacks Signed?

Are ROM Hacks Signed?

Aug 13, 2019
So I want to get Newer Super Mario Bros. DS and Another Super Mario 3D onto a cartridge and i'm wondering if they would be signed as they are a patch of signed ROMs.

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  • 98otiss
    Aug 13, 2019
    you can use a flashcart which runs both commerical and homebrew games, and tools. i think some people have made bootleg cartridge with rom hacks and sold them but thats just wrong tbh. with a flashcart you can put both games on it.
  • KleinesSinchen
    Aug 13, 2019
    Neither “New Super Mario Bros. (1)” nor “Super Mario 64 DS” are digitally signed. Signatures were introduced with the DSi. All DS games released before the DSi were put on a whitelist.

    The DSi and the 2|3DS (without CFW) check DS software before starting:

    * Does the game have a valid signature?
    * If not: Is it on the whitelist?

    If none is the case: “An error has occurred.”

    Changing anything on a digitally signed file makes the signature invalid. That is the purpose of a signature. Creating valid signatures for the DSi or 3DS requires a private key only Nintendo has.

    Flashcarts bypass this by embedding at least parts of ROMs on the whitelist.
    Better/longer explanation:

    “DS-repros” are usually very cheap flashcarts with their micro-SD slot hidden/closed autobooting a single ROM.