Anyone know how to make Audigy 4 sound working Windows 8.1?

Anyone know how to make Audigy 4 sound working Windows 8.1?

Nov 30, 2017
Does anyone have Sound Blaster Audigy 4 sound card working Windows 8.1? It is a 64 bit PC. The card works fine under Linux Ubuntu using Audigy 2 drivers, so I guess the card is okay. It worked at first with Windows but now no sound, Windows shows the drivers is working but still no sound.
Does anyone know how to fix?

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  • how_do_i_do_that
    Dec 1, 2017
    Your soundcard is likely using default settings for audio out. By default, it is set for "Digital Output Only". You will have to changed that.

    Solution :
    Go in the Windows Mixer (Run "sndvol32")
    Under the File menu, click "Show Advanced Settings".
    Now under the Master volume control, there's a "Settings" button, click it.
    Uncheck the "Digital Output Only" checkbox, click OK and close the mixer.

    If you don't have sound after this, you can try reinstalling the drivers and try again.

    If still no luck, likely time for a new sound card.
  • Rude
    Dec 1, 2017
    Thanks for the reply, however, there is no file button on sndvol I can't find it. Is there another way to do it? No worries, I have contacted Creative and they are looking into it. Thanks again.
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