Adding Programs & Updates into W7.iso

Asked by kylster, May 10, 2011 688 2

kylster asks:
I want to let you know that I do own windows 7 it's just my DVD drive is dead and been dead for about 2years now so I either install .ISO by converting them over to USB or use the wifeys PC to make a .ISO and install via DaemonTools on my end.

I seem to be having problems finding information referencing "how to manually" add updates to my windows 7 disc image (not looking for streamline cause it prohibits future "SP" updates). I would like to add SP1 and some various other updates. Size is not an issue cause as stated above I install via USB.

I also need to know "how to manually" add programs like Vuze, ImgBurn, WinRAR, Notepad.exe,, avast!, etc. Just stuff I use everyday. I know you can have it do silent installs and this would be great but any tuturial on any of these 2 would be helpful.

Thanks for your timely response.
May 10, 2011

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