weezy123 asks:
I have a bunch of 2.5" internal Hard-drives and I really want to utilize all of them for my Wii and my friends Wii's. When I try and run Wii games through USBLoader GX with a 2.5" hard-drive in the enclosure, they wont run and black screen after starting up. They show up just fine and literally every other games / emulators work fine. I have also tried 4 different Wii's so I know it must be the enclosures.

I have a regular $50.00 WD External 1TB drive that runs Wii games fine through USBLoader GX so I know I have the right Cios's installed.

Literally I cannot figure out why these enclosures for the internal HDD's WONT RUN JUST WII GAMES! I have tried many different enclosures (USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and Ones that have 2 USB's to plug in for EXTRA power.)

If anyone can help me out you would save me ALOT of money if I could use these enclosures to run Wii games through USBLoader GX...

EDIT / UPDATE: So I tried formatting the hard-drive to WBFS and it actually worked....The Wii games can run now on the 2.5" Internal HDD's in the USB-2.0 Enclosure!!! Now I just have to work on multi partitioning...lol

UPDATE #2: Well when I do FAT32 Partition and then WBFS partition the Wii games dont load yet again.....the hard-drive literally shuts off so its probably not getting enough power. It doesn't make sense though because it works when its JUST WBFS. I give up honestly.
Jun 11, 2020

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