1. ianpv95
    Goddamned 420 characters limit [orz]

    Just one thing, there's a part on the tutorial that you've forgotten to give "which file to rename back to what" -and forget to mention 2 Ropbin files for the coldboot that might confuse some newbie. Other than that, ALL IS OKAY.
    Ah, and I can also confirm you need the HxH to rename boot.3ds to auto.3ds, tried with normal NotePad, didn't work.
    Mar 5, 2016
  2. samiam144
    Congrats, I really appreciate the kind words :) I actually updated the guide about 8 hrs ago and I thought I took care of those 3 issues? I'll look it over when I have time, thanks for bringing it to my attention! Enjoy your 3DS' new-found abilities :D
    Mar 5, 2016
  3. ianpv95
    Hey samiam144! I've just re-read your tutorial and it was awesome! A lot of stuffs has been updated, I see.

    It's a lot simpler! And I'm pretty confident to say it's noob-proof!
    Keep up the great work, samiam144! You're awesome!
    Mar 6, 2016
  4. samiam144
    Thank you again :D It can be better, but it's thanks to readers like yourself that it is what it is now; I try to consider all suggestions. There are some things I still haven't gotten to, but I will eventually!
    Mar 7, 2016