1. Ricken
    One of my most surreal experiences with sleep deprivation was because of Stardew Valley. I had very recently found an album I was obsessed with (What It Is To Burn - Finch) and I just had it in the background while I was nonstop engaged with the game, and the album would fully loop in what felt like minutes
    10/10 I wish I could rediscover both the album and the game for the first time
    Feb 8, 2021
  2. Veho
    Feb 8, 2021
  3. FAST6191
    Did you have a toy farm as a kid?
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    Feb 8, 2021
  4. Scott_pilgrim
    That's one of the main reasons I don't wanna play Stardew valley, I'm afraid of it absorbing all my time
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    Feb 10, 2021