1. jeannotte
    Hi my friend Alexander 1970,

    Yes restriction until May 11, it starts to be long.

    but hey I did not stop working (I work in food), and time flies faster.
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    Apr 22, 2020
  2. alexander1970
    Oh,I am sorry,that is very hard....
    Do not tell me you are a cook. :-))
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    Apr 22, 2020
  3. jeannotte
    No, no, I am a forklift operator.
    sitting all day long !!
    in a factory where cheese is made.
    Don't worry about me, I can take a vacation.
    I don't just work.
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    Apr 22, 2020
  4. alexander1970
    Ah,I see,thank you for telling me. :-)
    Then please take care of you and all the best for you and your Family,my Freind. :-)
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    Apr 23, 2020