Game Boy Advance

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Fact sheet

Platform logo Platform logo
Platform name Game Boy Advance
Abbreviation GBA
Alternative name GBA
Product family Nintendo
Generation 6
Type Portable
First released on Wednesday 21st of March 2001
Game count 1481 (979 exclusives)
Viewed 23522 times
Rating 9.44/10 (18 votes) Submit your rating to get +1 XP

Hardware revisions

  Name Release dates Specifications Graphics Storage media Other info
Game Boy Micro
Game Boy Micro
Game Boy Advance SP
Game Boy Advance SP
Initial version
Initial version
Japan: Wednesday 21st of March 2001
North America: Monday 11th of June 2001
Europe: Friday 22nd of June 2001
China: Tuesday 8th of June 2004
ARM7DMI @ 16,78 MHz
32 KB + 96 KB VRAM Internal to the CPU, 256 KB WRAM Normal RAM
Custom 2D core
Game Boy Cartridge, Game Boy Advance Cartridge

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