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    DS #5707: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Defiance (France)

    this's fantastic. a terribly built REAL3d fps on DS!
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    DS #1981: Houkago Shounen (Japan)

    I'd not help... burst in tears when playing the game. The first game in 20 years to do so. friendship, happiness, memorials of childhood,that last for ever! I'd strongly recommend this game to everyone who misses their shool time, the old,gilded days!
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    2010 world cup champion

    the final score will be 2:1 the player who scored :Wesley Sneijder and another substitute player whom no one knows.
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    Hacking always the first ever! AK2i

    birghtness is now adjustable(by holding the select button then press the volume button). compatiblity to the future firmware updates is unknown. other features are the same as AK2.1 retail price:198RMB about 28 bucks
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    Hacking share what I've found. DSI user's menu.

    It finally came out 2 days before the official retailing of the new DSI
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    China's earthquake

    Chendu Evening 2008-05-16 10:29:19 The three days from May 12th till yesterday seemed like a century for Qiuhong Zhang, deputy captain of an Armed Police detachment in Chendu. A man of fourteen years' military service, Zhang leads a rescue team for one of the relic zones in Dujiangyan city...
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    Mrs President

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    Teh Person Above Meh ^

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    i'm learning japanese, sharing what i'm learning!

    ?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Hacking M3 new firmware: M3Sakura preview

    ???????????MicroSD???????????????? Specific adapters, MicroSD particular may not work Certain MicroSDs and adapters may not work with Sukura.i.e. not compatible with it.
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    Hacking Of the royal blood---Acekark2

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    Hacking sorry, but it's a crap!

    pros:easy to use like those of R4, support for multimedia playback(built-in moonshell) cons:don't comply with SDHC, extremely low battery life due to a poor chip design. It runs hotter than any other flashcarts.
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    DSTT in-house! Pics and first impressions

    It's a USB charger, not a data linker.
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    Hacking TT is coming!

    Let me translate the stuff on the backcover into Engrish. main features: ? Slot1??????????????????GBA????? Completely plug & play - no FlashMe, built-in PassMe, supports Boot to slot-2(i.e.: supports booting of GBA games). ? CleanROM?????????????????100%? 100% game compatibility, supports clean...
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    GBA #2772 - Jisu F-ZERO Weilai Saiche (China)

    that's the matter of fact. why do they produce flashcarts? they'd get starved being a Nintendo fan(for purchasing the authentic cards)!
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