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    Hacking any brand of 4g sdhc that really works for EDGE???

    mine uses kingston and transcend both work fine
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    Hacking Where to get Edge?

    edge ds is now back in stock at dealextreme and addictsupplies seems like they have finally restarted production .
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    Hacking edge ds stopped production ?

    hello all i have been told by one of the websites i normally buy from that the edge ds has restarted production as from last monday and would be filling back orders all last week , so hopefully most websites will soon be back in stock . woof811. ps. that info was from addictsupplies a very...
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    Hacking edge ds stopped production ?

    your probably right mate as its one of the better flashcarts .
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    Hacking edge ds stopped production ?

    has the edge ds team stopped production as they are getting hard to find in stock from my usual places . ie. dealextreme , focal price , addictsupplies , pc jerry . woof811.
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    Hacking Decent UK supplier?

    bought from loads of times and although not the cheapest the service and delivery is always top notch ! 2 days royal mail first class usually .
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    Hacking unable to get onto edge website

    site is back online now so no worries - woof811.
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    Hacking CycloDS can't run commercial ROMs!

    @ DJsnypa hello mate sorry to sound like a very noob question but are you unzipping the roms you downloaded ? the roms on your memory card have to be unzipped and in .nds format . if you have unzipped them and they are in .nds format then please ignore that ^^^ as it is the only thing i can...
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    Hacking Memory Stick Sizes

    hi ive an edge ds with 4gb transcend class 6 sdhc with about 80 ish games on it , works belting
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    Hacking Have R4 but considering swap to Edge

    im in the uk i get them from here if im in a rush - if your in no rush then here is the cheapest - woof811
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    Hacking Edge not working with Lite

    sounds to me like a contact problem and possibly there was a little bit of dust or dirt in the slot . as it works now you may have got rid of the dust or dirt that was causing the contact problem. no probs so far with the edge ive bought for friends and family works with all the nds phat and...
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    Hacking r4ds pro

    ok mate . ive been very happy with the edge ds ive been buying lately and was just wondering how the r4ds pro was and if anyone had bought one . ill stick to the edge ds for now ) woof811.
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    Hacking r4ds pro

    hello all i know all about the various fakes and copies of the r4ds and was wondering had anyone bought the r4ds pro that ozmodchips and dealextreme are selling ? ozmodchips - dealextreme - im...
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    Misc Official Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes Topic

    just added you YumYumSauce please add me mate Member Name: woof811 Name: peachs Town Name: fruity Friend Code: 1204-2998-8464 and my gate is open )
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    Misc Official Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes Topic

    Member Name: woof811 Name: peachs Town Name: fruity Friend Code: 1204-2998-8464 fruit - oranges and gate now open please add me )
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