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    Kick Gaming site re-launch and contest!

    Prices look good to me. Page load lot faster. Simple and effective.
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    What? DealWoot is evolving! *Update*

    Nice website.I'm used to order from dealextreme but as I am not as patient I used to be will be lot shorter to order from them. Will give a try. - Wolf back from the deads
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    Downtown London Attacked!

    33 deads and 185 wounded and 45 of them are critical (official stats) Fucking sad
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    Hello world!

    Same thing here! Welcome!
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    Maybe the size is not standard but no lame password!
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    Just tested it and it works fine! WRG
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    Maybe because the game will be real good!!!
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    yeah small glitch. Will be fixed soon EDIT: Now fixed must relaod the page ctrl+f5
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    Look like Trashman is in good shape
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