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  1. vgmoose liked Leeful's post in the thread Successfully dumped WiiU EMMC nand with hardmod..

    :yayu:!!! IT WORKED !!!:yayu: WiiU boots normally again and V-Wii mode works. Thanks to every one involved who helped out and especially @EyeKey for the programming.:bow: I'll test out everything later to see if anything doesn't work properly...

    Mar 24, 2017 at 9:32 PM
  2. vgmoose replied to the thread What's your percentage completion in Zelda BotW?.

    Jeez, I'm only at 13.97% Also, you can sneak food and weapons over to that island by dropping em on the raft before getting on the island:[IMG] kinda cheap but it was so hard!

    Mar 19, 2017