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    'Blair Witch' gets first gameplay trailer

    Lets hope its better than the film or else we have a game where pretty much nothing actually happens to the final 5 minutes.
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    First official trailer for 'Sonic The Hedgehog' live action movie released

    Surely one of the 1st things to do if your going to make a live action Sonic film is actually make Sonic look like Sonic. Not sure what this weird long legged creature is in this trailer.
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    Hacking Question (trouble) I updated to 7.0.1 with choidujournx and I can't turn the system on.

    Use a Fat 32 formated card and run choidujournx again and this time choose the exfat option.
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    Homebrew Question Had 6.2.0 CFW, but then UPDATED! Can I reverse it?

    Sounds like it's just rebooted after restart into OFW, just need to inject payload agin
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    Just tried this a managed to get into a room on MK8 straight away, just need them to start the actual race now.
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    Tutorial Exclusive Online play for banned members Network possible

    Yes, definitely in LAN mode, Ill try it as admin. Running as admin did it, found a game.
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    Tutorial Exclusive Online play for banned members Network possible

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but everything appears to be OK, I see myself connect in the lan-play.exe but I'm trying Mario Kart or Arms and and yet to find a room. I've tried the server and others but still nothing. Is it just that nobody is online playing...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE My Hero Academia - One's Justice - English/Multi-Language Translation Patch

    I'm getting a hactool not found error when I drag the XCI, any advice? Trying to do it myself as d/l an already patched version along with a patched update and also update 1.02 but it won't launch on my switch I simply get an error "that an error has occured". I've tried with SX os 1.9 and also...
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    Wii #XXXX - Let's Tap (Japan)

    Just spent a little time playing this, and I'm very impressed. OK so there is not a great deal of game involved, but I still found myself playing it and playing it. It amazes me how responsive the Wiimote is, and as stated before the jap language isn't really a problem as several of the menu...
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    Hardware Yep the old 001 error still, but using 1.9s?

    I'm trying to help out a friend who has a Pal wii with a Wiikey v.1 in it, he has updated the chip to firmware 1.9s but still gets the old 001 error. He used to fix this using Trucha but he has updated his wii, so now unable to use trucha signed disc. I've read through the forums and the...
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    Wii #0944 - Facebreaker K.O. Party (Europe)

    File name is actually rnt-fbkp.rar Sorry missed it listed above.
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    Wii #XXXX - X-OOM: Media Center for Wii v1.9.1 (Region Free)

    OK got it to work now....wish I hadn't bothered, it really is quite terrible. Guess I'm sticking with my XBOX1 and XBMC.
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    Wii #XXXX - X-OOM: Media Center for Wii v1.9.1 (Region Free)

    Thought I'd a least have a play with this, but can't figure out how to connect the wii via the web browser!
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    Wii #0814 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (USA)

    Don't know where people are finding this on newsgroups, tried all variations, can find ps2 and psp versions but no wii.
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