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    Hacking EZ PS4 Downporter - Downport any PS4 Game to 5.05 with a few clicks - No HEX Edit

    Didn't realize that there's patches. Makes sense. Thanks. Seems to be working now. Way less headache this way.
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    Hacking EZ PS4 Downporter - Downport any PS4 Game to 5.05 with a few clicks - No HEX Edit

    I get in the step 4. Well then I tried "Fake PKG generator for ps4". Used the output.gp4 in it. Got the .pkg generated. No problems. Installed just fine. But after launching the game, ps4 logs out due to error (NP-34927-5). Something to do with trophies apparently? Sounds similar problem to...
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    Hacking 6.20 "method" has been released!

    Yea seems pointless for most. But maybe someone will find it useful.
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    Very random snes question

    Out of pure curiosity, I just plugged my old snes to a newer tv for the first time. Searched for the channels etc. (it's a snes that plugs in to the antenna plug) anyway this channel suddenly appeared. So any idea what this is? something to do with snes or TV?
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    Gaming [Essentials] PS3

    littlebigplanet mgs4 uncharted killzone 2 ratchet & clank: tools of destruction psn: wipeout hd flower
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    Gaming Windows 7 network problem

    I was bored so I installed windows 7 beta build 7000. Works fine, but for some weird reason it doesn't recognize my network adapter. It's "Generic Marvell Yukon 88E8056 based Ethernet Controller". Anyone else have this problem? Or any idea how to solve it? If it's even solvable. Thanks in advance.
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    blackcats-games help!

    not sure if it's allowed to discuss this here but whatever. So I just got my account disabled from blackcats-games for no reason. Good ratio, no hit and runs, no cheating etc. Anyone know any email address, irc channel (instructions how to get there, can't access to them either) or similar where...
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    Homebrew Cool Ideas for Ds homebrew

    Nothing cool about those. sry.
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    Master Chief vs Gordon Freeman

    Gordon freeman, just because I don't like master cheff
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    How can I 100% kill my ipod touch in order to return it

    Actually you get alot of more memory for cheaper when oyu get zune instead of ipod. Also better interface thing is not opinion based. And you probably haven't tried zune's default headphones.
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    Gaming Official PLAYSTATION 3 Discussion Thread

    wtf, that really is ugly. Thank god europe doesn't have those tags. : D
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    Gaming geforce 9800 or 8800?

    isn't 9800 almost same as 8800?
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    ds gamezzz

    Because you obviously haven't played enough warioware. After that every other game on ds feels crappy.
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    ds gamezzz

    No i'm being serious here. + Why there's no more games like warioware?
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