Hacking Wii U May 13, 2016

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Aug 27, 2016
Feb 14, 2016
    1. SuperAce20
      Hacking Wii U
      1. splatu
        How big is your save file ? Is it hack free ?
        Jun 10, 2016
      2. splatu
        Well i googled it and its impossible. Thanks for trying.
        Jun 10, 2016
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    November 27
    Home Page:
    In NWPlayer1234's Twitter
    Wii U Hacker, Youtuber
    United States
    Name: Aiden
    Gender: Genderfluid
    Age: 13
    First Game: Mario Kart 64, when I was 6
    First Owned Game: Mario Kart Wii
    Started Hacking: (With Riivolution) 10/19/2012
    Fav. YTers: GameXplain, EWNetwork, Obe1 Plays, Pksparkxx, Zackscottgames, LeafyIsHere, etc.
    Meme enthusiast
    Hacking Skills: 7.2/10 (I try to be up to date with the hax and make my own, which I have)
    My inspiration to let's play was TRG (TheRunawayGuys)
    My inspiration to really start hacking was NWPlayer123/1234, Mr. Bean35,000vr/Chadderz & the sheer fact of nintendo banning me on miiverse. Oh, yes and I did get a direct ban from MrBean on Wiimmfi, who even addressed me in a rude way lol.
    Does not smoke weed everyday, but lives off of hype. Literally.

    Story: Once upon a time I was born. Then in November 2011 I got a wii, MKWii being my first game. I originally wanted Lego games, but I got interested in Mario. Then came Sonic, then FAST Racing, then Pac man, then smash, then NFS, then Rpgs, then shooters, you get the point. My life is now gaming. I want to collect nintendo, while gaming, while maintaining YT, and of course, hacking. I was an absolute master in my area with Mario Kart Wii. But somehow, I stumbled across custom tracks, and got interested. 1-2 months after I found out about it, I got them. It was a very compilicated process back then. Later in may 2013, I got Homebrew, another compilicated process. Of course, then I got SZS modifier, Reggie, and WiiScrubber. I made texture tracks but was never given a tutorial on how to make custom tracks, to this day. Now I'm learning the way of python scripts, and I hope to hack for the community.

    Thank you for reading. I don't have any hacking friends or stuff like that yet. Message me if you want to work with me.

    Oh and I still hack the Wii for my good friend SullyPwnz.

    yt link above (vine channel)