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    Hacking EZ Flash IV NOR problem

    the rom has been patched with EZ4_Client?
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    Hacking Successful upgrade of EZvi for NDSi 1.4.

    I just updated the firmware of EZvi and now it work on my NDSi 1.4. I hope EZ team could continue the great working and maby also for NDSi 1.5.
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    Hacking EZTEAM Announce EZ-FLASH 4 Lite Deluxe Bundle pack

    I like the bundle and i could fit two same color for my DS Lite.
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    Hacking Using my EZ4Lite in a GBA Micro?

    EZ 4 fit with your GBA/SP/NDS EZ 4 Lite fit with your NDSL EZ 4 Lite Deluxe fit with your NDSL (run DS and GBA ROM) EZ 4 Lite Compact fit with your NDSL(Only run DS ROM)
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    Hacking Best DS Only Cart?

    Yeah! EZ 4 compact is very nice and so cheaper for DSL. If you don't want to run GBA ROMs then get it.
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