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    Uncharted 3 Ships 3.8 Million Copies On Day One

    I'm really happy with Uncharted 3. Yes, I agree to most criticism here, but it's also a matter of age. Currently, I don't have much time for gaming. Yet I want to see stunning things and experience games. So currently such games are the best for me and the Uncharted series perfected them...
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    Reasons why RPGs frustrate you

    It's a discussion forum, we do this here, for fun. You could also turn your argument around and say most people realize there's no point without anyone having to make a post about that.
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    Reasons why RPGs frustrate you

    But that door is made of wood. Really hard wood! ++) An RPG lets you get that far, just for you to see you must have character/skill X in the group to proceed at one point.
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    Gaming Games you're excited about?

    Paper Mario only Fire Emblem would be nice, but sadly they killed it's soul for me by replacing 2D sprites with 3D polygons.
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    Thinking OUTSIDE the box :3

    Diapers! It's the solution!
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    GBAtemp game of the week- week #20

    That really sums it up, no need to read further.
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    Gaming Help me find this program

    Treesize. Also comes in a free version.
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    Gaming I just heard someone through my speakers

    It's over!!! ALZZx1xmAzg You will face the consequences!!!11oneeleven (In all honesty though, do you really think a hacker would choose to terrorize you with page flipping and hacking sounds?! It's more likely your open mic or something else others pointed out) Hint: if you deactivate your...
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    Gaming terraria

    Yes but... he has to forward a port (which he may choose freely) to his lan ip:7777. This is where he's at, currently.
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    Gaming terraria

    We've already given you all the basic information you need. It's up to you to work out how to forward a port with your router.
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    Gaming terraria

    Guessing ports won't get you any further. You have to know which port you used for terraria. The one you mentioned is open, but -I assume- your utorrent port? Go into your router settings and forward a port for terraria, just as it's already configured for your utorrent port.
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    Gaming terraria

    Simple. You say, your server's running on IP port 63020. Visit, notice the site also mentions your IP. enter port 63020 at 'what port?' and press check. Notice the answer:' I could not see your service on on port (63020)' It's only for...
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    Gaming terraria

    Nope, that ip/port is closed or not forwarded (correctly). Check your settings with:
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    Gaming terraria

    Read the contents of the links! This one shows you your public IP address in very big numbers: (Edited the port forwarding link, the prior one didn't seem legitimate.)
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