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  • i have yet to try to root kit my ps3 as i havent seen clear instructions to the newest way to do it and to be honest seeing the guides makes me feel more dyslexic than i am but downgrading seems the hardest to do, but i have 2 ps3s fat first years one 3 slots 4 usbs pal .. and id like some help if you could.
    its like an expensive puzzle. If you know the solution it takes afew seconds to complete any ps3 actions. i cant help u with downgrading cause its really hard to do. i bought a hacked ps3 , so yeah, ask in ps3hax.net forums
    could you please help me hack my wii 4.3u? whenever i try to install my games into usbloader gx, the loading time freezes and i have to manually shut down the wii. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
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