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    Hacking [RELEASE] Wii U USB Helper, a small eShop for Windows !

    Man this thing makes dealing with Wii U updates and DLC so much easier. Is there any chance of an option to specify separate locations for the downloaded and installed game directories though? It'd be nice to toss the games on SSD and keep the downloads on a spinning drive.
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    ELSPA considers legal action against rogue retailers selling R4 cards;

    Since when is selling/owning a device that could be used for illegal purposes against the law? If it is, when exactly is every person who owns a set of cutlery, a video recorder and a car going to be arrested?
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    Homebrew MPlayer port for Wii released ;)

    Pretty much nailed it for me. The last thing I care about support for is Quicktime/Real, lord knows why anyone would even be using either anymore.
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    Hacking Wii Miidia v01alpha2.5

    Have fun on that front, especially since Geexbox is based on the buggy MFE-Wii code that was so borked it caused dCiSo to scrap it and rewrite Wii Miidia from scratch.
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    Hacking Goldeneye inject working?

    There was a statement from someone at Nintendo a while ago saying that they're actually really interested in bringing Goldeneye to VC officially, and were looking into the licensing issues involved. It was a fair while ago now though and wasn't an official announcement as such but I'm still...
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    Ditto, I'm so not religious it's not even funny, but the fact still remains that it looks like a decent little app and it might come in handy for people who are religious. Depending on how the thing splits up the different books and such if they're not hardcoded I'd imagine it might be possible...
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    Hacking An official announcement by Team R4

    Show me a reason why I should blow money on another cart to replace my R4 and I'll consider it dead. Or has nobody else noticed that the tech has hardly progressed in leaps and bounds since the R4 was top dog?
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    Hacking Found the Infamous MFE bug with HBC!

    Filename length with MFE has never been a problem for me, although I did experience my first freeze last week and that was...drumroll please...after enabling WC24. Yet another reason to just disable it.
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    Hacking GBAtemp BatchDPG Unofficial Thread

    The guy writing that tutorial may wanna read up on aspect ratios. i_Am_Ghost, loving the updated BatchDPG but there's one thing I'm missing. Is it possible to add the ability to select multiple files in the add file dialog via shift click/control click? It was in older versions but seems to...
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    Hacking How can I merge real Zelda save into new Beta1?

    Twilight Hack is the only option if you're one of the many people who experience random lockups and crashes when running MFE-Wii via the Homebrew Channel.
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    Call of Duty: World at War revealed

    Gotta agree on the singleplayer, amazing scripting and atmosphere but as the series progresses the singleplayer campaign gets shorter and shorter. :| The real meat of the game is still the multiplayer though.
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    LucasArts says old adventure games "impossible" on DS

    Not to forget that even the largest of the classic LA adventure games could be crammed onto a much smaller cart once you consider that none of the artwork need be any larger than 256x192.
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    Hacking I cannot wait to see the future of wii hacking.

    Already in the works, check out Wii Miidia.
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    Hacking How to make MFE player working??

    Same here, short, long, spaces, no spaces, numbers, no numbers, .avi, .mkv, XviD, H264, all work fine.
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    Hacking Wii DVD Player

    MFE has handled 1.7Gb movies flawlessly for me.
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