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    R4 DS v1.09 Kernel & Cheat Code Update

    here is a mirror, until someone upload it in the download section.
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    Rominator v3.1 Released

    Is it possible to keep the rom where they are when you add them? I've sorted the games in different folders, but when I add them to the list, they are automatically copied in the Romminator folder... For everything else, rominator is perfect, thank you!
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    ROM Hack Lunar Knights - UNDUB

    work great, thank you!
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    Hacking Where to buy a G6 Lite

    PSXbox - China Good service and cheap, but you can't pay with your credit card, you need to use paypal :/
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    DS #0852: Jet Impulse (Japan)

    working on g6 lite /safe mode
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    work on my G6 v4.6d in safe mode too
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    Hacking Can Someone update to 4.5a ?

    boot without the passcard and select the gba cartridge
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    Hacking Can Someone update to 4.5a ?

    I have the same probleme with my passcard 3 :/
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    Hacking U-disk Manager Version V4.1F

    when you update your firmware, do you lose your friends code?
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