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    Fire Emblem Fates to be delisted in February 2023, one month before eShop closure

    They called it the Special Edition. Super limited, sold out basically immediately and was never restocked. But it had all 3 routes available on the cartridge from day 1. Even the cartridge/home screen labeled it as just “Fire Emblem Fates” without attaching a version label to it, which I thought...
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    God of War: Ragnarök launches November 9 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

    I know it’s just easier for them to have one SKU w/ the code but it’s still incredibly funny they’re listing the steelbook case as a selling point and then in the same breath they’re like “no game disc included lolz”. At that point you might as well not have the steelbook at all, or at least...
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    Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launches in two volumes on Nintendo Switch next year

    You can actually do this already. All you have to do is patch the GBA roms. ;)
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    Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launches in two volumes on Nintendo Switch next year

    They also gave you some of the Japanese exclusive chips when you enter the multiplayer menu. Gospel chips and GateSP in BN2, Bass GS and Punk in BN3 (even in White!), etc. It also gives you the Bass Cross mod card in BN5.
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    Persona 5 Royal launches on Nintendo Switch October 21, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable to follow

    Honestly surprised they didn’t fumble this somehow. Persona 5 Royal actually showed up and they didn’t try to pull any cloud version shenanigans like they did with Kingdom Hearts.
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    Summer Games Done Quick 2022 kicks off today, supports Doctors Without Borders

    Cool, I might actually try to tune in this year at some point. Tried to watch these last few years and I dunno, it’s not as entertaining without the live audience for some reason.
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II currently cannot be completed on the Nintendo Switch due to a bug

    Is it messed up that this got past QA and onto the store? Absolutely. But it’s still incredibly funny nonetheless.
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    Persona 3: Portable, Persona 4: Golden, and Persona 5 Royal are all heading to PC and Xbox

    Slam dunk for Xbox fans. I’d have preferred the FES version but hey I’ll take any port of Persona 3 they want to give me. Thankfully they didn’t call it a console exclusive so I’m confident that 3 and 4 will make it to PS consoles eventually. Seeing P5R run at 60fps does make me somewhat jealous...
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    Nintendo releases demo for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

    They pulled the same thing in the first FE Warriors where they put all the focus on female Corrin even though the male version was also unlockable. The good news is that in-game you pick the gender of the two avatars right at the beginning and from personal experience, Male Byleth definitely...
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    Sonic Central broadcast happening tomorrow, as fans plead for SEGA to delay Sonic Frontiers

    I understand why people are asking for a delay, but I’m not convinced a delay will be enough to fix what people are complaining about. Like, Halo Infinite was delayed a whole year and I hear it still came out lacking. I’ll still give this game a fair shot though.
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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet second trailer reveals 4 player coop, out this November

    Sword/Shield had 4-player raid battles and that’s about it. This one looks like they’re letting people run around in the same overworld. Progress!!
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    Almost 60 titles are set to leave PlayStation Now's service prior to the PlayStation Plus rebranding this summer

    I don’t have Playstation Now so this doesn’t affect me but hopefully a lot of these come back for Premium in June. The Sonic games I sorta understand considering Origins is coming out but they’re definitely taking down more than just the games in that collection (SA2 port for PS4 hopefully?)...
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    Sonic Origins gets animated trailer, release date, pricing and new info revealed

    I’m gonna get this because gameplay-wise this looks really good but from a marketing standpoint oof. Blows my mind that there’s a Ubisoft-style graphic that details all the different editions of a digital-only game. (There’s only two editions and 3 different sets of DLC) Also no physical...
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    New trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes reveals surprise antagonist

    Fairly certain you’re thinking of Awakening, where all the child characters came back from the ruined future to prevent it from happening. Fates didn’t have any time travel, but it did have the three routes to choose from.
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