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    Heaven is Hell, Hell is Heaven

    Ok, so I 'll be the first(EDIT:second, 1 minute too late) to answer in an equally lighthearted and humorous manner.First of all, What kind of substance are you on? Secondly, if this theory is true then if you 're a greek soccer player and you think your mom's a saint but 20.000 supporters of...
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    Gaming Olympic/Multiplayer games.

    How about the GBA Wario Ware? Good minigames and addictive as hell to compete with each other, especially tennis,hoops,and others.Everyone loved taking turns during class, I guess vacation will do too.
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    DS #1154: Mizuiro Blood (Japan)

    Next thing you know is a trailer for the House of the Dead 5 with a tagline of "non stop minigame japanese sweetness..."
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    Wii #0180 - Pangya! Golf with Style (Europe)

    It's different than Tiger.Action-oriented with super moves and object purchasing.We'll have to see.
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    Is piracy justifiable?

    I 'd like to note that I bought a flashcart before I even got my DSLite (didn't own the DS phat). I have since bought 16 original carts (some just for keepsake, as I had already finished them on the M3) while having played about 40 roms.Fair ratio, I guess. Making a profit by selling copies is...
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    Any Ouendan-EBA homebrew for the PC?

    I ll take a quick loot at it.Right now, all I have in mind is beating my brother's score!Yes, he did better than me while we were testing the Death Note song. EDIT: I played ClickBeat or BeatClick, whatever.I think the graphics are really good, but the music not so much. Their presentation I...
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    Any Ouendan-EBA homebrew for the PC?

    We all know that EBA and Ouendan have 3 uses for the stylus. I justed wanted to ask if people like the whirlwind-use of the games or think the bubble-popping and path-following are enough. It will help me while I match the game's properties.
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    Any Ouendan-EBA homebrew for the PC?

    I was wondering if there are already any games like Elite Beat Agents or Ouendan for the PC, not commercial of course. I ve been trying to build my own homebrew, using the original intro song from Death Note.So far, so good but it's still at an early stage. Reminding everyone, that if i 'm to...
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    We love GBAtemp v3!

    I think it's great looking too. Darker color brings a bit more oomph than the previous light-colored version. And certainly even more professional.
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    M3 DS Simply/Real & G6 News

    My special magic insider clairvoyant abilities strongly suggest it's definitely nothing more than a memory expansion.Or not...Basically, I'm clueless.And meanlessly mumbling about.So, let's just stop here...or,I 've nothing more to say.
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    Hacking which card the m3 ds simply/supercard ds (one)

    Well, as I have a friend with Supercard who has always SHOWN me, not just told me that his Supercard equals my M3's abilities, in terms of DS playability, I guess, it's more like whatever you like as a name is finally what you should get. I, myself am ordering M3, simply feeling confident about...
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    GBAtemp: Incoming Reviews

    As an owner of M3SD, I cannot help but thank for taking the time and trouble to examine all these slot-1 solutions.I 'm tired of using Slot-2+passkey+original for DS.It's too bulky! And, no, I don't have a passcard3.
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    ROM Hack Linerider DS

    I can't believe I had never heard of this before...MY LIFE HAS A MEANING NOW! Ok, I 'm exaggerating a bit but damn,it's cool! P.S:I just finished Portrait of Ruin.Oh,and the world's about to end in about 50 minutes.And I think I 'm feeling sleepy and writing rubbish,sorry.
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    "Death Note" Anime Poll

    Has anyone of those interested in the film actually watched it the past few days we were discussing it?A friend of mine watched it yesterday and he was at a loss for words.I 'm anxious to a release here.
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    I hope the version of Arkanoid in the game is good. Does it also have that hanafuda game, that I never understood how you play?
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