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    Banned from Arcade after losing in Hangman

    I also got banned while losing to the hangman game, same issue as everyone else...
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    Gaming Ocarina of Time 3DS thread

    So my brother found a hosted version of the background - someone here might want it... you can also see if it you have javascript disabled when visiting teaser site. Also, has anyone noticed that the "look around" function in the game is controlled by moving the 3ds around? This seems to be a...
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    Gaming Australian roll call!

    I thought my friend code was in my sig, but obviously even after 5 years at gbatemp I do not know how to work the forums >_> 3DS Friend code: 1676-3700-5380 (pm me when you add me as per usual)
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    Gaming Australian roll call!

    Can kiwi's say hi? It can be somewhat lonely over here I got my 3DS but it sucks that Samurai Warriors has been delayed here *sigh*
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    Gaming 3DS Release List

    With the 3DS in full sale in Japan I'd thought we'd have setup a release list like the NDS, Wii etc. Not to mentioned that I thought we'd have moved the 3DS into its own forum section by now. Just thought I'd mention it =) Now that I think about, most important of all is that we need some 3DS...
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    Wii #2542 - Ikenie no Yoru (Japan)

    Because in NA the wii is a family friendly console. Can't have no scary shit on there right?
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    Hacking DSTWO shutting down nds after a couple of hours

    Guess I wasn't really clear. The DS is in sleep mode with the power plugged in so it can't be the battery. Also there are lots of cases where you will close the lid to do something and forget about it. I also made the note that this will also happen if I leave the lid open (ie just let it idle)...
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    Hacking DSTWO shutting down nds after a couple of hours

    Hello Tempers, I have encountered very unusual behaviour using my DSTWO after upgrading the firmware to the latest version. When I put my DS into sleep (lid off) the system will turn itself off after a couple of hours. This also occurs if I leave the lid open and let the system go into...
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    Gaming Last window stuck in chapter 4

    Hello tempers, For those that have not been lured away from Last window, I have a question for you. I'm currently stuck trying to get the tape playing properly, anyone have any idea how to get past this? >si
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    ROM Hack Tales of Innocence Transl. (Absolute Zero) v1.0 PATCH RELEASED

    Thanks for the patch! However I do have one question, what is the crc of the clean rom? I have it patched but the crc doesn't seem to match the one in the cheat db...
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    Nintendo 3DS photos, videos and more

    I'm going to get the first model I can lay my hands on for the following reasons: Its awesome and I want it nowIf this can be unlocked then the earliest models will have the least amount of trouble
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    DS #4905: Shepherds Crossing 2 (USA)

    So, what is this one like? and come to think of it, when was sheperds crossing 1 released?
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    Gaming Official Spirit Tracks Chat Thread

    For those that are having trouble playing the pipes here are some tips: 1) keep a steady breath on the mic 2) move the pipe that you want to play over the line. if you need to skip one then just move it quickly. DO NOT STOP BLOWING. You'll find that if you move and stop fast enough you'll jump...
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    Gaming Official Spirit Tracks Chat Thread

    Well, you don't need to double tap, tap once to get link to grab block, tap again to push. The timed ice adds another dimension to the puzzle - it forces you to consider the correct route before hand. It helps if you only freeze the water that enables you to get the block to one point but I...
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    iPlayer hands-on impressions

    You can always run moonshell off this card.... it DOES do homebrew...
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