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    Since when does weeaboo mean that?
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    Hacking Can you boot GBA games from G6 Manager?

    I get bored going into GBA mode and waiting :\. And I still want to play Zelda / Puzzle Fighter / MM Zero / whatever.
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    PS1/2 Someone slapped some sense into Sony!

    Never mind. Discuss what you want.
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    Gaming Elite Beat Agents, new videos

    I think those songs are great. Or at least infinitely better than stuff like Neraiuchi or Shanghai Honey. Here's the funny thing though, those are two of my favorite levels, so even if you don't like the music, at least wait to play the thing, it will still be fun.
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    If you're freezing when changing to Hx do that I'm going through hard mode now
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    Hacking G6 U-Disk Manager v4.4 is out

    The first one for me was Zx to Hx. What you should do is just go save (right after the boss) before making any armor change. If it works okay, awesome. If not, back up your saves are rewrite safe mode + rom trim. DoFat + rom trim with no soft reset may also work, but I haven't tried that.
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    Yeah I changed it to safe mode + rom trim and it works okay now! Currently getting my ass kicked in the underwater level. I hate underwater levels.
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    Hacking G6 U-Disk Manager v4.4 is out

    If anyone is having white screens on armor changes like I was, just use safe mode. Although I lost my saves when I forgot to back them up
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    Hacking Why are there no updates from Supercard?

    I don't think that was his point at all.
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    Hacking Why are there no updates from Supercard?

    That's pretty much the MB equivalent of a pimpslap
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    Gaming WHY can't I beat RSG in Ouendan on Hard mode?

    I love that level :3. Everyone hates it, and I did until I beat it, but suddenly I really liked playing the last part. First level I S-ranked on insane For that level, the first part is supposed to kick your ass, so don't worry if you're low. Even if I get only 5 or 6 100s I'm barely 2/3...
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    Hacking Why are there no updates from Supercard?

    While I agree that the flash cart war threads are retarded (I think they should just be immediately deleted) for that exact reason, "buy the game" should actually be a valid point. No matter how untrue it might be, this board goes on the assumption that we're using "backups," thus giving us a...
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    Anyone with G6L who's gotten there with new firmware: Did you get a white screen (possibly with a blaring noise) after you try to use the first armor (Hx)?
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    Hacking Why are there no updates from Supercard?

    It's only been a day or two since ZX Harvest Moon and Lego Star Wars came out... I don't think it's a big deal.
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    Hacking G6 Flash Lite 4Gbit -OR- Supercard LITE

    Do you own a G6L? Because I see you post a LOT about how bad it is.
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