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    Hacking Android OS for Wii?!

    I don't mean the Google systems on Nintendo. But, they should work with together for new good projects. 3DS would have interacting with Google Accounts. GMail, Blogging, Buzz, Google Earth(3D), Google TV bla bla..
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    Hacking Android OS for Wii?!

    Google must support Nintendo! I want to see more works with them on 3DS! 3DS must have Google applications! ( and with capability of the other social networking)
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    Gaming SONIC & SEGA All Stars Racing

    Thanks buddies, I know its so long time. (=
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    Hacking First flash card?what was yours?

    Passkey + SuperCard Mini SD on DS Lite Bad days...
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    DS #4900: Jam with the Band (Europe)

    When I start this game, my ds was freezed and sd card is broken... THANKS GOD! I've rescue my save files
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    Gaming DS Games of the Month: April 2010

    So who can say me this month's Wii and DS games for Europe? (PM please =)
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    Homebrew ENV Moonshell 2 skins

    I'm OK! I've tested your skins, there is no problem for me. So I can help you what if you want (= (like a skin project etc.)
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    Homebrew ENV Moonshell 2 skins

    Hello env. How are you? Your themes are great. I like it really I will test it. So, I'm very busy nowadays but after 1-2 week I will free~ and I can help and support you. Oh, ok. You can check my theme showcase;
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    Gaming SONIC & SEGA All Stars Racing

    Hello, I'm playing this games nowadays. It's really good to spend many hours with friends but I don't have the free time too much. So I need the a fully save file for this game. Then, I will write a critique. Thanks
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    Wii #1931 - Pop'n Rhythm (Europe)

    Anyone know are the songs changed from the Japanese version to English?
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    Gaming First Gen 5 Pokemon revealed.

    I wish'd they were real but they are fake. :\
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    Hacking NEW System EVOLUTION is OUT!

    I don't interesting the flashcards too much, so when the DSi is release I stop the following flashcard news. BTW, Thanks for the info.
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    Hacking NEW System EVOLUTION is OUT!

    Woohoo! I'm excited, I didn't saw this card before. So is this new card from Supercard Team? Nice GUI, really! Where I can find it? I'll buy. *and make skin*
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    Homebrew Could anyone port "Osu" to the DS?

    I think someone can port it for DS like StepMania DS On the StepMania DS, your .sm files playable on DS. Why the .osu files is unplayable on the DS? =P
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    Nintendo color-codes Mature game boxes to help parents

    Wow, Box is looking great.
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