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    Hacking More Info Regarding Switch (Mariko/Lite) Mods by Team-Xecuter

    Because they still have stock of their current product. If they made an announcement of a better product, sales would halt as people wait for it's release.
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    Hardware Anyway to hide consoles from toddler?

    Teach the kid what "no" means. My daughter knew by a year old what she could or could not touch.
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    Hardware What would be a realistic and reasonable cost of a banned switch?

    I bought an exploitable, un-banned Switch from ebay for $200. Had everything- including the box. The only defect was a crack in the back shell, which I replaced anyway.
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    Hardware Broke off a componant of my R bumper during a mod. What are my options?

    You'll need to replace the button. It's a $5 part from ebay. Anyone with experience soldering can fix this. You ripped the pad off the controller, but the trace is there and easily accessible. It looks like the first and third pin connect together, so you might not have to do anything in terms...
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    Hardware left joycon issues

    Best guess? Something is inside of the slot where the joycon docks to the system.
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    Hardware "R Shoulder" on Joycon needs replacement

    So, I got a used Switch from ebay that came with an old set of joycons. The problem with the right joycon is that the "R" shoulder button (not the trigger), doesn't work 2/3rds of the time, so I'd like to replace it. It's the part that is soldered on the board and NOT part of the ribbon cable...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black/White Hacking Documentation

    Yeah. I just looked at the hex some more (despite saying I wouldn't) they are encrypted. However, I still think the issue is that Poketext isn't expecting the extra header info that is added. By the way, the format is this: 00 24 01 00 -- Pointer 1 00 15 00 00 -- Length of hex being pointed to.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black/White Hacking Documentation

    Oh. My mistake. It seems that I had some of my HGSS files mixed in with the BW files. There are 272 files in /0/0/2. Looking at the files, I believe the problem with Poketext is that the pointers are now not encrypted, which they were before, so Poketext throws an error because of this. The...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black/White Hacking Documentation

    Only 200 some? Are you certain you extracted the narc properly? pokemon games have been known for using a narc file that doesnt have filenames for the individual parts and as such you need a special build of narctool to decompile it. Of course, i could have my folders mixed as i did this very...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black/White Hacking Documentation

    My mistake. I was looking at my old HGSS files.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black/White Hacking Documentation

    The first set of HEX is the filename number, the next list how many items (sentences) are stored in the file, and then the parts following that point to where the sentences are stored in the file. This is, of course, after it's decrypted.
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    Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    There will be an Xbox 360 version. It's just coming out a few weeks after the PS3 verison. It will be out on Aug 25th for 1200 MSP. Here's a source link:
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    Analyst Suggests CoD Multiplayer Should Be Pay-To-Play

    Because of Xbox Live, isn't it already "Pay-to-Play"? (On the Xbox, anyway).
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    Raving Rabbids Travel in Time

    Am I the only one who HATED Rabbids Go Home? The mini-games were much better to me.
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    Gaming Pokemon HGSS Pikachu

    What's the Nature? I have 2 Sassy Flying Pikachus.
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