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    Hacking Will Restoring NAND Delete Emummc?

    But after restore ure sd card wont be compatible anymore with the restored OFW. If u still want to keep the other data on the sd card remove or move the Nintendo folder on the sd card.
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    Hacking Question Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data - Ban Still Possible?

    Im in kinda the same situation. Lost my clean nand. CFW switch from firmware 6 and stayed offline. Factory restore and went online to upgrade officially to firmware 7. Copied CFW to emummc and again Factory restored switch. Updated officially to 8.1.0 and installed Fortnite. So now I use emummc...
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    Homebrew RELEASE MM-LINX - Super Mario Maker 2 Level Injector

    Hi guys, I'm trying to use this tool and it seems to download and stuff, but the levels just dont showup in MM. In linx i can see my own levels and a level that i added thru linx (slot 4). But when i launch MM and look for it i only see my own levels. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Latest...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Fluffy - A Tinfoil and Goldleaf GUI

    I found the problem that causes most of these. It seems if I restart tinfoil after every install most files will install fine. So not really filename related.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Fluffy - A Tinfoil and Goldleaf GUI

    Question, it seems that long filenames can crash tinfoil with fluffy, atleast thats my experience. Anyone knows how long filenames can be? Great tool. Very user friendly imo.
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    Homebrew RELEASE RCMReboot (for Atmosphere 0.8.1+) - reboots your Switch to RCM

    I had most crashes with Lego Villains. Anyways, great job with this tool. I will install it anyway. It might be helpfull when I want to take out the SD card.
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    Homebrew RELEASE RCMReboot (for Atmosphere 0.8.1+) - reboots your Switch to RCM

    Thx for the reply. Unfortunatly the crashes I incidently expierence are games hanging without fatal error screen, which forces me to reboot.
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    Homebrew RELEASE RCMReboot (for Atmosphere 0.8.1+) - reboots your Switch to RCM

    So if i understand clearly, this wont help me if system crashes which forces me to reboot? In this case I would still need a jig or autorcm, right?
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    Hacking nx-atmosphere dongle reset broken?

    That should be no. 1 question lol
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    Hacking install NSP via USB

    I experienced similar with 2 different switches. Sooner or later all the games gave error. None could be launched anymore. I cleaned up both switches and formatted the sdcards to fat32, as ive been told fat32 is more stable. Until now its still working.
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    Hacking Weird Atmosphere install help

    I think you can download all needed files from here: I usually use the "Pre-configured bundle" => "Kosmos default".
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    Hacking Updating to 6.2

    "play legit smash online" This probably wont last long as chances of banning always exists bcs of hacking.
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    Hacking Question about nand backup

    Afaik theres an update needed if u want to use exfat. What if I havent used exfat at all and want to restore nand? Will it read the exfat sd card without the update?
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    Hacking Question Restored NAND Backup OFW 6.1.0 and Update 6.2.0 got banned?

    U sure u havent been online after backing the NAND? So u put switch in airplane mode before backup? Bcs if u didnt, and u went online after the nand backup N might have registered ure last telemetry and if u restore a nand from before this wont add up in their logging chronologically.
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    Hacking How to downgrade Nintendo Switch firmware 6.2.0?

    Then answer is no afaik
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