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    Hardware Using Wii U Gamepad Charger from eb games

    Call Nintendo and get a new one, it is still covered....
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    Hacking wii menu 3.0 HBC still works

    I did notice after the update I had to unplug my Wii HD with my backups before I could delete anything from my Wii U console....I don't remember doing that before the update....
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    Hacking wiikey config

    I have a wiikey and had no issues using softmod with usb hard drive Rick
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    Kick Gaming site re-launch and contest!

    I'll have to check out the site again, I use to order alot of items from there.... Rick
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    Verizon Newsgroups

    Verizon never had a limit before, did they change it? Rick
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    Verizon Newsgroups

    Recently I have been unable to connect to newsgroups and iv been using them for years, does this mean they cut me off. I used the online tech support, they couldn't help me out they gave me a number to call for additional help...but has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    Didn't really look if my new wii had the new dvd drive but the serial number on my new wii is lu513534818 my old one was lu310567910 if that helps. A few days ago nintendo sent me this Hello, Thank you for your participation in the Nintendo Advance ReplacementProgram. We have received...
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    Hardware Wii return

    I thought it was kinda easy taking wii drive out, just followed directions with pics and was very careful not to harm the stickers while removing them....It was a little time consuming but easy....took me about 2 hours to do both and switch the drives and put them back together. This was my...
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    Hardware Wii Problem

    Do what I did I had them send me a wii first before I sent mine back, I had the same problem as u did with the graphics card. all I did was exchange the dvd drive......with the new wii and got another year warrenty on the new wii.... Thanks Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    They sent me a new wii and I replaced the dvd drive with the wiikey and it worked 100 percent I even got another year warrenty on it.... I just wanted tolet everyone know. Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    I had someone professional do it, but i think I can just change the drive looks easy to take apart and put together. It will be here monday so I'll post if they the old drive works in my new wii... Thanks Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    Has anybody tried this situation???? Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    I pretty sure they can't tell I open it, but I just wanna know if the drives will be able to switch them. I bought brocken one back in April and the one they are shipping me will probably have the D2C drive. Has anyone does this before... Thanks Rick
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    Hardware Wii return

    I had some graphic glitches on my USA with Wiikey so I called nintendo and they are sending out another wii. My question is can I just swap out the drive and send them back my wii with the graphic problem with the new drive that comes from nintendo? Thanks Rick
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    Hardware WII Remote

    Thanks for the help, yes it was light, i have a big bay window usually happens during the day....Didn't realize that light could do that... thanks for the help Rick
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