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    The Nintendo Switch has surpassed the sales total of the NES, bringing it to over 62 million units

    Just checked a bunch of retailers in the UK. Doesn't seem to be a stock shortage anywhere here.
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    J.J. Abrams confirms Portal movie still in development, announcement coming "fairly soon"

    Fuck the movie, where's the next installment of Half Life?
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    Skywind shown off

  4. Richy Freeway

    Apple gains a new patent.

    What are you all on about, this has nothing to do with a dualshock shaped controller. If anyone had bothered to read the patent they would see that it's for NFC pairing of devices and "controllers". Controllers can be a remote control, a game pad or an iphone. Sony should sue them?? What the...
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    Steam launches new Remote Download Service

    With the right tools, you can just have your PC wake from sleep via your routers wake on lan facility or similar tool running on your home media server. Loving the sound of this. Another Valve win. (NOW GIMME MY HALF LIFE!)
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    Valve Making Steam Better

    Don't care about download speeds, that's not an issue. What is an issue is that of the 4 user accounts I have on my PC, we have 2 seperate steam accounts. Steam never remembers the password for either account anyway, and my steam account can remain logged in when my son is in his user profile...
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    Team Fortress 2 becomes free to play... forever?!

    ITT: People love to complain about stuff. Don't care what it is, they'll even pipe up to say "I don't care, I'm not going to play it anyway" Classic Forum Crap.
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    Angry Birds confirmed for wii and 3DS

    This. I've nearly 3 starred every level now, got all the golden eggs etc etc. The fun isn't in racing through finishing the levels, it's in trying to complete the game 100%. That's where the skill is, that's where the fun is. I
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    Hacking projectm.

    And illiterate by the looks of it.
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    Tutorial Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below

    Despite knowing how to do all this, I still follow the guide every time as I don't keep up to date with everything. I recently modded my friends virgin 4.1E Wii, following the guide. Did the update to 4.2E fine, then went to run the hackmii installer from bannerbomb and it's all gone wrong...
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    Hacking General query about streaming to Wii

    It's just not possible.
  12. Richy Freeway

    Charles Manson had.... A LG flip phone under his mattress?

    They seriously don't. It's massively illegal to use them in the UK. What you're experiencing is just a bad signal.
  13. Richy Freeway

    Birthplace of Mario Destroyed

    They're already in their new building. They were hardly going to knock down the old one before they had somewhere to move into.
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    Gaming windows vista battery problem says plugged in not charging

    Could be your battery. Either that or a faulty charging circuit in the laptop. Are you using the correct power supply?
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    Internet To Run Out Of IP Addresses, Possibly this Year!!

    No they don't. You can switch to IPv6 now if you want. Google runs an IPv6 version of itself, etc etc. I've not bothered to read this article, judging by some of the comments in this thread its pretty bad.
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